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What We Do

building-003-300x224[1]Washington Equipment is a materials handling company that offers a variety of products for you and your business. We have casters, ladders, pallet jacks, packaging materials, hand trucks, job boxes, truck and van equipment, shelving, and much more. For a look at all of our products please see our online store. We at Washington Equipment have been successfully serving our customers since 1932 when Mr. Selig started the company on Washington Street in down town Chicago. In its lifetime, the company has changed both ownership and location.

We are now proud to be located in Madison, Wisconsin, where we have been for many years. Each employee is dedicated to their job, and does it in a timely, precise manner. Washington Equipment prides itself on the closeness, and camaraderie of its employees. This atmosphere is what we feel gives us the advantage when it comes to pleasing our customer. Though mainly in Wisconsin, we have customers all over the United States.

Our goal is to please as many customers as we can, and to do so in a timely manner. We hope that you give us the opportunity to prove that Washington Equipment is the right answer for you.

Monday - Friday (7:30am-5:00pm)

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